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Trademarks, copyrights and patents are the legal instruments that protect brands’ intellectual property. Filing IP rights applications is a core task in IP lawyers’ daily routine. By using automation and artificial intelligence to combat counterfeits, RightlyIP is filling a gap within the global intellectual property and innovation ecosystem.

Did you know that the counterfeit goods market is filled with products that could cause serious harm?

Fake goods are often poorly made and can contain some pretty hazardous substances that end up in your cosmetics, medicines, spare parts, machinery, and household chemicals.

Did you know that up to 6.8% of imports to the EU are counterfeit goods?

This amounts to 121 billion euros in sales every year with a combined loss of more than 83 billion euros between 2013 and 2017, as well as the loss of 15 billion euros in tax revenue.


Filling the gap with tech 

Digital transformation is disrupting the field of intellectual property and new skills such as market monitoring and landscaping are in demand among IP lawyers.

Imagine a community of specialised lawyers around the world, investing most of their working days in time-consuming and outdated processes to manage companies’ IP rights worldwide. Tons of spreadsheets, documents, notes and emails are handled manually by IP lawyers across several platforms.  

Now, imagine they could automate most of this work, unify it in a single platform plus get access to real-time data visualizations of their trademarks, designs, copyrights and domains registrations. Well…

RightlyIP Dashboard

RightlyIP is a Denmark-based company that provides artificial intelligence technology allowing IP lawyers to accomplish the aforementioned. Moreover, what RightlyIP wants to do is “to gather lawyers from all over the world using the Rightly platform, building a society of lawyers, of brand owners, where we can combat criminals together”, according to Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg, attorney-at-law and Managing Partner. 

Get in touch and find out more about RightlyIP services at https://rightly.io/

“The challenges that we face are global and it’s not possible for any agency to face this problem by themselves” 

Those were the words of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director-General Daren Tang during the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2020 Report press conference. Tang made a strong emphasis on the use of AI technologies to help connect the IP ecosystem more closely to enterprises and take brands and designs across borders easily.

In 2019, there was a 5.9 per cent increase in trademark filing activity around the world. A total of 11.5 million trademark applications were filed, with the largest growth in trademark activity originating from China. Other large middle-income countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Russia registered a yearly growth of around 10 per cent, making evident the significance of trademark and branding in the economic strategies of companies in those markets. Other emerging industries, Latin America and the African region.

Read the full report by the WIPO here

The main focus of the WIPO today is to continue supporting the member states to develop the normative agenda for intellectual property, a mission that is widely supported by RightlyIP. “It’s getting better but there is a long long way to go, and the legislation is too far behind, so we try to combat the counterfeit but they have the advantage because it’s still too difficult to enforce cross-border, cross-continent”, acknowledged Jeppe Hudtloff at RightlyIP.

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