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Are you an awesome Danish company looking for a Communications professional?

Then yours might be my next workplace!

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to hire a talented, global-minded, international journalist for a reasonable salary thanks to the current Positive List of highly skilled talents in Denmark

I am a digital nomad who can easily relocate to any city in Denmark.

A job offer in Aarhus is a plus. A remote job offer is a WIN! 

About the role…

  • Do you have a complex message that you want to share with the world in a simple, yet approachable way? Then I might be your next copy-writer
  • Do you want to strengthen your brand or organisation’s online authority by publishing creative, data-oriented and SEO optimised articles? Then I might be your next content writer
  • Do you want to catch the eye of your audience with audiovisual resources? Then I might be your next multimedia content creator!
  • Do you want to see your name featured in international media through a journalists’ network over 140 countries? Then I might be your next public relations specialist!
  • Do you want a well rounded press + social media strategy? Then I might be your next communications specialist

In this role, I will… 

  • Provide you with a global perspective. I speak native Spanish and English as well as conversational French and Portuguese. I keep myself informed in several languages, which gives me a wider perspective on public matters. 
  • Work in a result-oriented manner by analysing data in real-time. This could be social media analytics or open data sources. 
  • Offer audiovisual storytelling techniques and methods to reach wide and niche audiences. 
  • Constantly challenge the status quo of the ongoing communication strategies, adjusting and adapting to new trends and cultural movements. 
  • Come up with creative and inclusive ideas to effectively deliver your message, whether it’s through blogging, vlogging, podcasting or social media. 

I’m looking for a company with… 

  • A strong sense of ethics and a higher social purpose. NO meat industry, NO traditional banking or pharmaceuticals industry, NO oiling or mining industry.   
  • The willingness and capability to have an open debate about innovation and inclusion. Preferably, gender gap reports available and equal opportunities work culture. 
  • Openness and flexibility to welcome new and fresh perspectives. 
  • Preferably, a focus on sustainability, circular economy, climate action, digitalisation and SDGs. 

I offer…

  • My strong vocation for communication. BA in Social Communications with a Major in Journalism. MA in Journalism, Media and Globalisation – Business and Financial Journalism.
  • My empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, dedication, enthusiasm and positive attitude.
  • My forward-thinking and imaginative approach to any given task.
  • My multicultural experience as a digital nomad. I have worked and lived in several countries across the Atlantic. 
  • My experience with broadcasting, mainstream television and radio
  • My researching skills.
  • My knowledge of non-formal education techniques on “How to combat hate speech” and “Media as a key tool for social inclusion”
  • My hands-on experience from the Danish corporate world, consulting for B2B, B2C and DTC strategies. 
  • My language skills (Spanish, English, Portuguese and French). Also, the language of culture and the language of love
  • My know-how in digital platforms: WordPress, Hubspot, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, Office, CleverReach, Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp, Miro, Intercom. Also video and photo editing tools.
  • My Latin American vibes, a lot of music and dancing, my sharp humour and inputs.
  • Respect for all living creatures, including humans 🙂 
  • An extra mile. 

Who am I… 

  • I am that who I am 🙂 
  • I come originally from Colombia. I have lived in the US, Denmark and the UK. I have also worked and travelled to Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Egypt. 
  • I am straightforward in my communication. Authenticity and honesty are at the core of my decision-making and behaviour. 
  • I am pragmatic. I often try to look for the most effective ways.
  • I purpose-driven. I advocate for women empowerment, free mobility, diversity and inclusion. 
  • I am an ambivert. I like taking care of the energies in my surroundings and carefully choose my closest network. 
  • I am a mystic. You might see me walking around with a pink quartz in my pocket and a lapislazuli hanging from my neck. I usually know when the next full moon is and I practice self-hypnosis, lucid dreaming and body-mind awareness as a part of my inner work. 
  • I am a people’s person. Collective consciousness awakening is my ultimate purpose. 
  • I am an over-achiever. Take a look at the rest of my website 🙂 

If your company is what I’m looking for, just…

Call me or text me at +45 22 25 64 47

Send me an e-mail: estefania@zarangarita.com

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Estefanía Zárate Angarita

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