Scandinavia Got 5 Medals At The World Cocktail Championship 2019

Finland, Norway and Sweden were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively in the Bartender Choice category. Finland won two more medals for a total of five for the Scandinavian countries.

Zander Lauritzen Hansen is the President of the Danish Bartender Association and he happens to be part of my LinkedIn network since once I looked through posts with the hashtag #Aarhus and found out about Malling Mjød thanks to something he shared.

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I definitely thought Zander’s must be an exciting and interesting job. Indeed. He just came back from ChengDu, China from the World Cocktail Championship organised every year by the International Bartenders Association. Of course, the Danish Bartender Association is not only a member but a founder of the IBA, which in two years is turning 70! (Learned that from Zander).

Anyhow, I had a nice chat on LinkedIn with him that quickly started looking more like a journalistic interview (happens with me sometimes). Well, check out the nice pictures he agreed to sent me and wait, below I’ll tell you what else he shared with me from the event:

Estefanía: Zander, Who was part of the Danish delegation this year at the WCC? 

Zander: Delegation was Me (President of the DBA) – treasure  – Compettor – event koordinator – Commen bartender. 

E: How is the relationship of the DBA with the other Scandinavian Associations?

Z: DBA has a strong relationship with the other Scandinavian associations. I myself, for example, was invited to be one of their judges a month ago. We help each other, combine notes, etc. It’s very good and strong. 

E: What would you highlight from the World Cocktail Championship 2019 in ChengDu, China?

Z: So many things. The fact that almost all of the 63 countries where there.  Amazing event and how it all just “worked”, how Scandinavia won so much, but also how upcoming countries did so well. Asian countries, Georgia, Malta, Armenia, etc.

In fact, Zander shared with me the list of winners:

Bartenders Choice:

Gold – Finland 🇫🇮

Silver – Norway 🇳🇴

Bronze -Sweden 🇸🇪

Before Dinner:

Gold – Latvia 🇱🇻

Silver – Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Bronze – Malta 🇲🇹


Gold -Ecuador 🇪🇨

Silver – Argentina 🇦🇷

Bronze – Georgia 🇬🇪

After Dinner:

Gold – Ireland 🇮🇪

Silver – Macau 🇲🇴

Bronze – Armenia 🇦🇲


Gold – South Korea 🇰🇷

Silver – Philippines 🇵🇭

Bronze – Turkey 🇹🇷


Gold – Finland 🇫🇮

Silver – Czech 🇨🇿

Bronze – Hungary 🇭🇺

Team price: Finland 🇫🇮

Damiano Pezzi – National Danish Cocktail Champion
World Cocktail Champion 2017

When Zander listed the people on the pictures for me, he mentioned this guy above was Damiano Pezzi, the worldwide After dinner category champion two years ago and current Danish national champion bartender. I found him particularly interesting because of how young he looks like and because he doesn’t have a Danish name. I guess it was so obvious that Zander himself explained to me that “by Dansk Bartender Laug (DBL) / Danish Bartender Association rules, you don’t need to be born Danish to compete but to work in Denmark”. Point for the DBA/DBL.

Just a little sharing of some things that I, myself find interesting 🙂 Thank you, Zander and good luck with Nordic Cup.



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