[PODCAST] Coming Back To The Roots Of Storytelling

Coming Back To The Roots Of Storytelling.
Part 1.
Coming Back To The Roots Of Storytelling.
Part 2.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • Why do people tell stories?
  • What is the history and purpose behind storytelling?
  • What are the functions of storytelling?
  • What is the modern use of storytelling?
  • A few inspiring stories told by Cathy
  • And many more!

What’s Special About Cathy?

Cathy Perez is not only a natural-born networker and an event organizer but also a woman with a purpose and a worthwhile mission at heart: To connect and to inspire people. Born and raised in the Philippines, with 8-years experience of living in China (where she managed to learn how to order a taxi and make groceries’ shopping… in Chinese!), a couple of years ago, Cathy moved to Denmark for her now-husband.

In Scandinavia she has experienced a cultural shock – living all her life in huge cities she has found herself in a small Danish town where she wasn’t initially able to build any connections. When after some time, Cathy and her husband moved to Arhus, she has decided to do something about it and OH, SHE DID! Inspired by a post about LinkedIn Local in Australia, together with Kotryna Kurt they have decided to organize the very first meeting of this kind in Arhus and… the rest is history!

Her spontaneous idea turned into a movement – today Cathy is preparing her seventh Arhus LinkedIn Local. Additionally, being a powerful woman as she is, Cathy has recently opened a webshop www.merrea.com a brand with heart. Behind Merrea are women and men who only want better lives for their children, communities that wanted to survive and thus need our support, our thoughtfulness, our consideration. That is still not enough for Cathy, she’s also making sure that start-ups are supported through a new initiative: Time Angels.

How To Find Cathy?

Cathy’s LinkedIn

Cathy’s Webpage

Cathy’s Facebook



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