[PODCAST] Foundations Of Conscious Consumption

Foundations Of Conscious Consumption.
Part 1.
Foundations Of Conscious Consumption.
Part 2.

This time together with Estefanía, Marta interviewed two very special ladies Jeanette Honore Thorsted and Lotte Winther, who are the founders of an amazing slow fashion brand, designed and produced consciously and with love Nôrd by Nôrd. Our guests have shared with us their journey through conscious consumption, starting with themselves and expanding to their beautiful purses and wallets.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • How to start implementing conscious consumption in your everyday life?
    • Start with the thought
    • Follow up with action
    • Reach out for help
    • Keep it simple, and start where you find it easiest
    • Don’t waste your energy judging yourself and others
  • How ladies from Nôrd by Nôrd continue implementing conscious consumption into their business and value chain?
  • What are slow fashion, circular economy, upcycled materials?
  • And many more!

What’s Special About Jeanette, Lotte And Nôrd By Nôrd?

About Jeanette: “Co-Founder, CEO and Designer, Jeanette is a dreamer and a presbyterian. She is passionate about her craft and the creative process. She is thoughtful and loves knowledge. A loving nerd.”

About Lotte: “Co-Founder, COB and Designer. Lotte has, as a kid from the farm, always been fond of the nature and the beautiful spots all over the world. She has been drawing her whole life and decided to get a degree in the creative area to improve the fashion industry and work on a more sustainable and ethical way of doing design and business in regards to slowfashion”.

About Nôrd by Nôrd: “Nôrd by Nôrd is a fashion company designing high quality, nordic and minimalistic hand crafted bags made from skin, fur and leather as well as the vegan material Pinatex. The brand is born in Manchester, England, as the designers, Jeanette Honoré and Lotte Winther met there during their studies. Hereafter based in Aarhus, Denmark. The designs are all made from by-products. The basic idea is to make bags for life, prevent waste and embrace slow fashion. This idea came, as the designers were both distanced to the concept of fast fashion, the massive plastic production, the ignorance of how the fashion industry often works and its domination of the West. To provide men and women with beautiful bags made from core values as love, balance and reflection.” Read more at the website.

How To Find Them?

Nôrd by Nôrd Website

Nôrd by Nôrd Facebook

Nôrd by Nôrd Instagram



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