[PODCAST]: The Magic & Science Of Motivation

The Magic & Science of Motivation with Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz & Estefanía.
Part 1.
The Magic & Science of Motivation with Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz & Estefanía.
Part 1.

Yet another special show here at You’ve Got 5 Options… This time the temporary co-hostess Estefanía interviewed Marta! The two ladies dived into the topic of Motivation, how to become & stay motivated and what the newest science has to say.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • What is motivation and where does it come from?
  • How is the concept of motivation shifting from sticks and carrots to motivation via purpose, mastery and autonomy?
  • How to awaken your motivation?
  • How to sustain your motivation?
  • How to stay motivated when you’re feeling really low?
  • How shifting perspective on responsibility, courage and confidence can help with motivation?
  • What are the great examples of organizations that know how to motivate their people?
  • And many more!

What’s Special About Marta?

Marta’s purpose is to help individuals and teams see the silver lining so that they can become the best versions of themselves and get the right things done. She has always been able to see the potential in each and every single human being and she’s really good in helping people remove the inner-limitations so that they can step into their potential and do what they would really love to be doing. She facilitates the processes of reconnecting with the passion and purpose, shifting limiting beliefs into empowering ones and removal of inner blockages such us fears, lacking self-confidence and procrastination.

After almost 10 years in a large corporation, Marta has decided to follow her heart and start her own passion-driven business. She walked her talk, took her own medicine and stepped into her new path with open heart, mind and soul, to help others Reach Far More.

How To Find Marta?

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